Thank You Fond Memories Conroe!

Fond Memories went ABOVE AND BEYOND for my little Max. I cannot recommend them highly enough for all that they did for us! We held a viewing for Max, I was apprehensive at first, but Norma assured us that Max would look just like he was sleeping, and she did not disappoint, he was bathed, brushed, and he did truly look so peaceful, it brought much needed closure for myself and my family. I admit that between the unexpected loss of my best friend, and my chronic indecisiveness, I was probably not the easiest client, but they were very kind and patient with me and all my questions (and all of my changing decisions).

Thank you Fond Memories team for all that you did for me and my little Maxie!

Abby Thomet, Jan 2022

Thank you, You Exceeded Our Expectations in Conroe

The entire experience was outstanding.
The professionalism, courtesy and compassion is the best.
Norma is terrific.
All of your needs are addressed here.
Thanks to everyone at Fond Memories.

Mike Snizik

Thank You Fond Memories Conroe

Having lost a beloved pet was heartbreaking. I was very grateful that Fond Memories gave my 4 legged forever friend Whiskey a beautiful forever resting place amongst rolling green grass and many other beloved pets. And the room that was used for his memorial gathering was a very special touch letting us say our goodbyes to him, for now, but not forever.
Thank you Fond Memories.
Sincerely , Molly

Molly Cashin

Thank you Fond Memories Conroe

Having lost a beloved pet was heartbreaking. I was very grateful that Fond Memories gave my 4 legged forever friend a beautiful forever resting place amounst rolling green grass and others beloved pets. And the room that was offered for his memorial gathering was a very special touch to let us say our goodbyes for now, (but not forever). Thank you Fond Memories. Sincerely, Molly

Molly Cashin

Tribute to our dog-Dominick. (FW)

Our wonderful dog-Dominck was put down on Aug 25th. Our vet told us about Fond Memories in the Forest Hill area of Ft Worth. I spoke with German several times and he set up the cremation of Dominick..He answered all my questions and the services were provided in a very timely manner. We received a nice cedar box the ashes..Thank you very much for being a stand up business and treating us very nicely. Randall Rose

Randall and Diane Roe

Thank you Norma and all of Fond Memories (Conroe)

Thank you Fond Memories and Norma very much for your sympathy and patience during this hard time and moment. I was struggling with and still am suffering with the loss my dearest puppy boy Mylo from two days ago. You have supported me emotionally and with such patience and care. I and my little Mylo appreciated you more than you know.
Mylo and I appreciate you for the way you have treated his mom. I know he worries for her and me, and all of us want him to pass this hard time with ease.

Please take good care of my little Mylo. We want for him to pass this transition with full respect to his body.

Thank you again for your kindness.

Mylo's Family &
Melodi Bahimi Esmali

Marzieh Esmaili and Family, Aug 2021

Snow White (NB)

I had to make the painful decision of putting my beautiful 19 y/o baby, Snow White, to "sleep" on Monday Aug. 2nd. I told the vet office I wanted to have her cremated. They said they had a service they used and would take care of things. That service was Fond Memories. I got her back just yesterday (Aug. 12th,) and was so impressed with how lovingly she was taken care of and...all the thoughtful things they gave me with her. They gave me a clay plaque with her paw print and a little paw print seed pack of wildflowers to plant in honor of her (as a living memorial.) It made me cry. Thank you all so very much for the love and care you showed my baby girl.


Wonderful EXPERIENCE (Austin)

My husband and I had to put our elderly dog down a few weeks ago. The vet we used offered the service and let us know they’d take care of the cremation process. I finally got the nerve to pick up Simons ashes and was blown away with the love that went into this process. I received Simons ashes in a beautiful box, but also two molded paw prints, a lock of hair, and some wildflower seeds that my family can plant in his memory. It was so thoughtful and I did not know these companies did things like this, but I’m glad they do. It makes the grief a little easier to cope with. I’ll be using this company if I have to in the future.


Thank You So Much

We had to let our beloved Kevin go. He was my heart for 12 years. We requested that our vet have him cremated, and when his remains, along with his paw print & some fur were returned, I sobbed, but at the same time, knowing he is still with me in some way is comforting. Thank you so much.


Dakota and Briana (Conroe)

I had my dogs 15 1/2 years and 14 1/2 years respectively. I didn’t have kids and these were my children. So when I lost Dakota I was as prepared as you can be, but I wasn’t prepared seven days later when Briana went into surgery in due to things that were found during surgery, the decision had to be made to let her go. Fond Memories has been exceptionally kind understanding and has giving me back a small piece of the puppies that I had since they were six weeks old. So thank you Fond Memories Conroe for not only treating me but my animals with dignity and respect

Helm Family