My Jazz

Beautiful box, and the paw print made me cry. You did a wonderful job and I appreciate it. Thank You so much...



Donna. what can you say? she has been with me and my baby through the whole sad process, I would liken her to a death doula,she has helped my fears and calmed me. as happy as you can be about your baby's death, they help.I am lucky that i use Sattler location because you get Donna, Marley is in her hands and i trust her to care for him in his final hours, wonderful caring place.

vickie hajovsky

My Lilith

I lost my 16-year-old son, my only child, to an accident in March 2020. My cat Lilith was with me for ten years, and stayed at my side day and night as I cried for my beautiful boy. She held me safe with intangible arms -- a purr and a cuddle in lieu of a useless condolence. She saw me through the hardest time before she abruptly passed away in November 2020. I numbly signed some papers at the vet ER for her cremation. I never expected the gorgeous box her remains came in, the brass plate with her name, the perfect paw print. A fitting memorial for my dearest, most loyal friend. Thank you Fond Memories.


Love of a dog

We lost our precious babies 2 weeks apart,Donna is the gate keeper,bless her.y’all provide a beautiful service for our animals and Donna is so kind and understanding of grief.Marley and Buddy are at peace at this time.Thank you so much for giving us a place to find peace, the Hajovsky family


For The Love of a Dog

After losing our beloved Marley and Buddy within a week of each other, we are heartbroken. Donna has been so sweet and kind, she understands the sorrow of losing your precious pets. Marley came home to us yesterday in a beautiful urn, his pawprint, and grief literature. Buddy will be home soon. Thank you for providing a beautiful service for our babies. We always choose private cremation and Donna is the angel guarding the gate. The Hajovsky's

vickie hajovsky

My Boy

Beautiful. I love the paw print! ❤

Spike Gil

With dignity and respect

I can't express my heartfelt gratitude enough for the exceptional care you took with our sweet Maximus. He was very much our family boy and he was with us for almost 18 years. We both had such a difficult time with the decision to help him cross the Rainbow Bridge but we had to relieve him of his discomfort and pain. Thank you so very much for the excellent care Maximus received from Fond Memories. It truly touched our hearts.

Judy McElwany

Lucy, Dawg, Hoss, Little Man, Pooka, Tinky & Panache

First I want to thank Fond Memories for the compassionate care they have given our babies over the years. When we lost our beautiful Reba in 2000, that was when we first met Laura and Stan. Even in our sadness, we quickly saw the love and compassion that Laura and Stan showed. Over the years we have lost so many of our treasured family members(pets). Each time we know the care our fur kids get at Fond Memories. We recently lost yet another. Even when you know age and illness will eventually win, it doesn’t make the reality of losing them any easier. It is comforting to know Fond Memories is there. I want to thank Norma for being there. She has gone beyond the call for us. We don’t see Laura or Stan like in the past, but they have very caring and compassionate people there to see us through such trying times.
Thank you so much for all you do.

House, Jul 2020

My Guardian Angel ‘Cuddles’

I never knew that there is a place that would give so much of love and care to my fur baby after her passing away.Fond memories is such a beautiful place with very caring people to do the last rites for our animals. Norma is just wonderful and was so patient and caring towards me.I will never forget her for what she did for Cuddles and me.I was given such a lovely paw print of her to keep and when she sent her ashes I cried as there was such a beautiful poem in there as if my baby was talking to me. God Bless you Norma and thank you from my heart for everything.

Oberoi, Jul 2020

Our Girl SCout

Thank you for the beautiful presentation of our girl Scout. Clearly your staff is very compassionate and understands the love we all have for our 4-legged family members. We rescued our sweet girl in 2012 and our world changed for the better. She leaves a huge whole in our home. But last night we opened the package containing the rosewood box that holds our precious family member. Along with the clay paw print, we proudly display both together in our Livingroom. Scout is finally back home where she belongs.

Gina Vormelker