GrateFUL to CODY and NORMA for their Exceptional service during the tough times (Conroe)

My puppy (2 years 8 months old) passed away in Conroe (during our Texas visit) due to dog sitter negligence (booked using rover.com) as the puppy was hit by vehicle. as this is our first puppy and going through the tough times, Cody and Norma was exceptional help through the cremation process. They were very informative and promptly followed up and provided the timely updates on the cremation process. Cody and Norma, I am not sure if you aware of how much help you are doing and helping the dog owners like me . All I can say is THANK you thank you thank you thank you.


Great services

I was very impressed with how they took care of my Tiger. the pawprint and his name on the clay helped loosing my little one. It is so beautiful i love it.

Pat Lorey

Thank You Jane Rann (Conroe)

Thank you so much for taking care of my cat, Jemimah. The cremation box is lovely with the flower design. It is so thoughtful that you include the stand for the pawprint. Fond Memories is an outstanding Company. Many thanks for your thoughtfulness and helping me through the loss of Jemimah.

Vicki Bailey Benzel DVM

Vicki Bailey Benzel DVM (Panther Creek), Dec 2022

So appreciative (Houston)

We had our cat euthanized and did not know that the hospital used Fond Memories in Houston. I am familiar with the one in Conroe. Wanting a special urn, I contacted the facility in Conroe via email. About an hour later I called them just to verify and the personnel at Conroe had already transferred my request to the location in Houston! They were very diligent and just took good care in making sure we received what we wanted to remember "Ninja". Thank you so much for making this difficult time a bit easier.

Melissa Slavick

Very greatful – (Conroe)

We are very pleased how the ashes of our beloved dog Pluto were sent home, the care of the package was very taken care and that velvet blue bag was the finest touch. Thank you for the wonderful and delicate PAW PRINT. It will be in our home forever.


Alli deserved the attention you gave her. (Fort Worth)

We recently lost our Alli ~The most beautiful and loving boxer and put our trust in Fond Memories for the cremation and it was such a hard process to go through but seeing the love and attention she got brought us to tears. The paw print was fabulous but the nose print will last us FOREVER and was such a DISTINCTIVE trait for our Alli and to have that print we will forever be grateful. Thank you for the amazing care love and work you do. Patti and Ed Hark


I am very impressed with the service and (Houston)

I would like to let you know I am very impressed with the service and the quality of your work for my baby girl, Remington Benelli. I was a little worried, but when I got her home. We are both at peace. Thank you so very much!!!

Tammy Nichols, Nov 2022

You know you guys did an awesome job – (Conroe)

I've worked at Triangle before and now am tech at pets paw for 5 years now. You recently took care of our cat mackenzies ashes and stuff. I wanted to let you know you guys did an awesome job as usual. It meant so much to myself, my partner and mother. Thank you for everything you do. Blessings to you and your family.

Craig Sorrells-Starkey , Oct 2022

I just wanted to write to say thank you (Houston)

From: Julie @sbcglobal.net
To: Fond Memories in Houston

I just wanted to write to say thank you for the care and thoughtfulness you all put in your services and when returning Princess's ashes. I was blown away by the sheer first class experience - from the bag to the velvet case containing the urn, to the beautiful footprint, to the grief counseling pamphlet. thank you all again, so much!

Ziek, Sep 2022

We are eternally grateful to Norma and Fond Memories. (Conroe)

From: Polly Rodriguez <@yahoo.com>
To: Norma Jeffcoat <@fondmemoriespcc.com>

Good Morning Norma & The Fond Memories Staff,

I waited to write this message to make sure I had enough time to compose my words as accurately as I could. First and foremost, I want you to know Millie’s paw print came out beautifully. It matches Maya’s perfectly and is sitting on my mantel with their Ashes and other paw print. You went above and beyond with including the bags and the molded, original print.

Most importantly, I want to apologize if anything I said in my original email came off accusational or rude in anyway. We are just now back to working and recovery from the financial hit we endured due to covid. Don’t get me wrong we are doing much better than some but still struggling to catch up, it was not my intention for you to give me the print free or even at a discounted rate. Clearly the work speaks for itself and is worth the money you charge. In addition to the financial set backs we lost both our fur babies all within 5 months of each other. The loss was horrendous and financially we had to dig deep to pay for both those expenses. We miss our babies daily and the approaching holidays will be tough as Millie loved Christmas and opening presents. It got to the point where all of our children allowed Millie to open their gifts every year.

What I am trying to say is that I am eternally grateful to you and your company. I can’t begin to tell you how your kindness has touched us all and we will never forget it. I will be referring you to any and everyone who is the last stages of life for their pets. I will also being leaving positive reviews wherever I can.

Thank you again and I hope the upcoming Holiday seasons brings you and yours many blessings.

With Love,
The Rodriguez Family

Rodriguez, Oct 2022