Missing My Ferret Luna

Let me first thank you for the beautiful wooden box with my Luna's name engraved on the front. My daughter and I decided that we wanted to have our Ferret Luna cremated. When we got her remains back I was so full of tears and love because I could now have my beloved pet with me all the time. I have a special place for her on her shelf with her remains and tons of pictures.

I was so impressed with the certificate that was provided to us and for the seeds to plant in her memory. We will forever be grateful for the kind words and for taking care of our Luna for us. If I can bring myself to get another pet which I'm not ready to do as of yet, but if I ever need these types of services again for my pet I will surely use you guys.

Thanks again
Tina and Brittney Broussard

In memory of luna broussard

Confident and reassuring

I recently lost my first pet I had to go through the cremation process with, and it was a childhood pet and a very difficult time. I am generally just an anxious and paranoid person and I had a few concerns I needed clarification on. The facility manager got to me right away, listened carefully and with sympathy, walked me through everything in detail to put my mind at ease. They have quite the system to make sure everything turns out perfect. They helped me greatly in such a difficult time and I am more than appreciative of them. They will not only take great care of your baby, but the best care. And should you have concerns, they will address them quickly and explain everything, they will take the time to make sure your mind is put at ease, and that everything memorial object-wise is perfect.
Lily, I miss you every day and I am so glad that they took such great care of you

Lily's Human


My mother's beloved Chico has left us. Per her last request, Chico was cremated and added to her ashes. Special thank you to Justin Roy and Cody Springer for their thoughtfulness and compassion during this devastating time. You two truly made this experience as eased as possible. The manner that Chico was returned to us was beautiful and our entire family appreciates the condolence packaging and words.


Big baby diesel

Losing our family dog was a huge heartbreak. Fond Memories was there to provide us with a beautiful urn with a sweet personalized message that we will forever cherish. Forever our baby boy, our sweet Dane Diesel.


Ladybug and Biskit

We have used you twice now , when my best buddy for 20 yrs past from cancer . Then a few yrs later , biskit past at around 16. We found her 7 yrs before and that was our vets best guess. They both left a hole in my heart that will never fill, but they both came home in the most beautiful boxes with their name and a paw print . Bless you


In Memory of Pepper

We appreciate your professional services, attention and consideration. The beautiful box was with her name engraved. We are very grateful for the words and messages. You did a wonderful job. We really appreciate.

The Dos Santos Family

In Memory of Bindi Lacey

Thank you for taking such loving care to provide us with a memorial of our dog, Bindi. I appreciate your thoughtful attention to detail. Bindi was a member of our family for almost 14 years and you handled her remains with utmost consideration. I deeply appreciate your service, and will forever treasure her paw print, her wooden box with her ashes...even her fur ( she had the most unusual markings!) Even though she is gone, she remains in my heart now and always.



We lost our dog Cookie a few weeks ago at age 13 due to cancer and are still grieving a lot. I did not know what to expect when they told me Cookie’s remains were ready to be picked up but when I did I cried all over again. Part of the pain of dealing with the loss but also how beautiful her box was with her name engraved, paw print and certificate. You truly care and show respect to our wonderful fur babies and I am very grateful.

Robinson family

My Jazz

Beautiful box, and the paw print made me cry. You did a wonderful job and I appreciate it. Thank You so much...



Donna. what can you say? she has been with me and my baby through the whole sad process, I would liken her to a death doula,she has helped my fears and calmed me. as happy as you can be about your baby's death, they help.I am lucky that i use Sattler location because you get Donna, Marley is in her hands and i trust her to care for him in his final hours, wonderful caring place.

vickie hajovsky