Online Mememorials


2008 - 2022

14.5 years. We laughed, we cried, we loved, we lost, we traveled, we moved, we grew our family by tiny feet and tiny paws, we ate good food, we stayed up late, we watched movies and we comforted each other through it all. Zoey Jane, you were my favorite hello and my hardest goodbye. You taught me so much about loving unconditionally, forgiveness, and selflessness. Your paw print will forever on my heart, and I will miss you every single day. But, even though I'm at a loss, I'm happy because you're free. You're healthy. You can play fetch again. You can jump in the car again. You can chase cats again. You can breathe easily and run without pain. And now, you can watch over the rest of us with Chevy Rue and know that we'll be there eventually with a tennis ball in hand ready for a good game of fetch 🐾