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I know I will see you in Heaven one day.  
Dogs are used to protect our service men and woman, our police, assist the vision impaired, signal the onset of seizures and most importantly, dogs comfort those who are struggling.How could a loving Father give us such a special gift in a dog and not have a place for them in Heaven?   That said, I will see you there, my pest.   You gave me great joy in your long wonderful life.   I will miss seeing you lounge in the sun sniffing the air.   I will miss our walks and our talks.   I will miss having you by my side any time I sat down €¦ you had to touch me and I loved it.  
Not only did you provide me with your uninhibited emotional expression, you allowed me to express parts of myself that I never let any humans see.  You knew my weaknesses, my victories, and you moved through many years of my life.  During periods of uneasiness, you provided me great comfort.   Your fur absorbed many tears after I lost Sharon.   You were greatly loved and you will be deeply missed.   I know I will see you in Heaven.
Loved so much by her Mom Lynne and the Curtis Family.