Online Mememorials

Winkie Scott

Winkie, you were God’s gift to me wrapped up in fur with a beating heart. You were my first pet, my first dog, my first experience with total unconditional love. I had almost given up on finding a you, because I didn’t think I had the time and had zero experience, and then someone suggested that I get an older dog. I went back online, I saw your picture and your bio. I knew you were the girl for me. I was excited, Amie was excited. We went shopping for you right away. I fell in love as soon as I took you from your foster mom’s arms, and you were immediately comfortable in my mine. Amie and I loved you so much. I enjoyed walking you, even though neither one of us enjoyed the snow. I came home every day for lunch to walk you. I knew crating you would not work for us. We walked together, we watched TV together, we just enjoyed each other. You loved riding in the car, and looking out the window. You were always the talk of the town. You allowed me to dress you up in cute dresses and sweaters. I tried leg warmers and a hat too, but you were not having that.
When you would see me get my purse or coat you would beat me to the door. One time me and Amie were going to Sam’s and I said that I wasn’t taking you. Guess what? You went!! Me and Amie used to laugh so hard when we would see you looking back and forth at us, as if you were saying, “okay, mom got her coat and Amie has her coat too”, and you would happily make your way to the door before we did. You came into our lives in September 2017 and I had to let you go on March 30, 2018. God only allowed us to spend six months together. I couldn’t believe that you were in a rescue that someone would give you away, you lost one of your eyes, you have been through so much. When the doctor told me you had cancer, I was so sad, and so mad. Why would God allow you to go thru cancer, when you had already been thru so much?
I had to make the decision to free you. It broke my heart. And when the doctor said to me, “she’s gone”, I couldn’t believe the sounds that was coming from my heart. I cried, I sobbed, I held you, I hugged you, and kissed your sweet fur. God knew exactly what he was doing. Although my heart is sad, I rejoice in our finding and loving each other. Amie changed your name from Samantha to Winkie because you only had one eye. She said you were always winking at us. You gave me the opportunity to experience unconditional love, and I thank God for that. I miss you so much, I slept with one of your many blankets last night. I know for sure that “ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN”!
Your Loving Pet Mom,