Online Mememorials


12/3/03 - 4/14/17

Rest in peace beautiful Wags.

You were the BEST DOG EVER and we will always cherish you. You were a beloved dog to many. You were PERFECT in every way and we miss you already. You were always so sweet, kind, and gentle. You loved people and you would always wag your tail when others came around. Such a happy dog! You brought us so much happiness and joy. You stuck with us through thick and thin and helped us cross unimaginable hurdles, all through your love and support and just being here. You loved to follow me around the house and I will miss that. You always wanted to be in the same room as one of the family.

That’s the kind of support and unconditional you gave every day. Anytime two or more people were gathered in the living room, you would grab your bone and shake your head side to side “with excitement”, as if to say, “Hey, there's people in the room, I wanna join the party!” You loved taking walks and you loved treats! I will remember our special walks together in Woodcreek and at Harry Myers Park. We spent lots of time with you in your last few months and gave you great holistic care.

I am very grateful to have had this opportunity. The doctor who helped you cross over was so compassionate and understanding. So was Dr. Messonier and his staff. We loved and hugged you so much in your last days, and you knew you were very special. It was hard to let you go. We have a beautiful grave for you at Pest Rest cemetery and you are right next to a beautiful tree! How perfect because you love trees and the outdoors.

Wags, you are in our hearts FOREVER. We love you so much, my beautiful girl doggie, and I am so grateful for the 10 1/2 wonderful years we had together. I feel you are with us every day and I feel your joyful energy. Thank you for all that you’ve done and for all that you are.

Loved by the Anthony Family