Online Mememorials

Trusty Anders

2006 - 2021

Trusty was such a sweet boy that we nicknamed him Buddy! I got to spend 14 out of 15 of his years with him and every moment was amazing. When I was in college Buddy came with me. I found myself left alone most of the time, except for Buddy. He would be by my side giving me all of his love and affection and made sure I wasn’t lonely. On the weekends I made the three hour trip back home and he would ride in the back seat in my dirty clothes this poor college kid was taking home to wash. He patiently made the 12 hour trip from Tennessee to Texas with me and adjusted to having to live in an apartment. He was so happy when we moved into a house and even happier we were with my parents. My Dad was his best friend and loved him like his child. He welcomed a crazy little puppy who got into EVERYTHING and followed him around like a lost child when I brought home his little brother. He fell in love with my husband and welcomed him into our family whole heartedly. My Buddy was the sweetest boy and I miss him every day. No longer by my side but forever in my heart!!