Online Mememorials

TJ Maxx

2006 - 2022

How do you actually start this out when you have so much love for your animal. It was time for our angel to go up, he was not taken from us because we will see him again. He has just moved to an amazing place where he can run and be happy and healthy!! TJ lived a very happy and long life. we were able to be blessed with his amazing present for almost 16 yrs. He was our baby and we loved every minute with him. He had an amazing personality!! He knew how to make you feel better no matter what you were feeling. He knew when you were down and knew how to make you feel like nothing is wrong in the world. TJ had that way of him when you looked at him or just even held him. This is not good-bye, This is we will see you again!!

we love you so much boogs!!!
love mom & dad!!