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2009 - 2024

In Loving Memory of Our Beloved Tiger

On April 11th, 2024, our hearts were heavy as we bid farewell to our cherished furry baby, Tiger. Though small in stature, his presence loomed large in our lives, filling our home with warmth, joy, and unconditional love.

Tiger wasn't just an ordinary pet; he was a treasured member of our family, whose spirit touched the hearts of all who had the privilege of knowing him. His playful demeanor and gentle nature endeared him to everyone he met, whether human or fellow furry companion.

A true connoisseur of life's simple pleasures, Tiger found solace and delight in basking in the sun's golden rays on lazy afternoons, his whiskers twitching with contentment.

But beyond his royal demeanor lay a heart of gold, brimming with intelligence and kindness. Tiger possessed a wisdom that belied his years, a silent understanding that spoke volumes without uttering a single word. His soulful gaze and tender affection were a testament to the depth of his love for his human companions.

Though our hearts ache with the loss of our dear Tiger, we take solace in the memories we shared and the love that will forever reside in our hearts. As he embarks on his journey across the Rainbow Bridge, may he find eternal peace and endless sunrays to bask in, knowing that he will always be cherished and remembered with profound love and gratitude.

Rest in peace, our Tiger. You weren't just a pet; you were our beloved furry baby, and your memory will forever be etched in mommy and daddys hearts.