Online Mememorials

• Tessa •

Tessa was rescued from a kill shelter in Ozark, Alabama and when I saw her on Petfinder, I knew she was the one for me. No amount of miles would deter me from getting her. God showed me the way to her, my beautiful and perfect little rescue. She filled my days with so much joy. She changed my life for the better. There isn't one moment I would change, she was just amazing. A true fighter and my constant companion. We had many challenges and we endured them together. She was my soul and my inspiration. We were so connected and inseparable. I feel her all around me, helping me every day. It has been 'Me & T' for many years, now it is just 'Me'. I'm forever grateful for our time together. We were very blessed. My broken heart will never mend, as she took a part of it with her...until we're together again. I love and miss you immensely my sweet angel.