Online Mememorials

• TAO a.k.a “Gato” •

Tao was my soul animal, my guardian angel. I found him at a couple weeks old at the Miami dade animal shelter, he reached through the cage and put his warm paw pad on my arm,so full of love.
My child was born four years after I got him and He gave my child so much love, his soul sister.
He passed at 17 years old. I hope I served him well and gave him a good happy life, im pretty sure i did.
On the way out from picking up his ashes an irridescent cloud rainbow formed, they say thats a sign from a departed loved one saying they are in a good place and in heavan. Thank God, thank god for him and all his endless supply of love. One of gods angels is in heavan now. Rest In Peace <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 paw prints in our hearts forever.