Online Mememorials

Stitch Escobar

Dear Stitch,
You saw us through 12 years of love. You gave us all the love we needed and 100 times more. You saw us through so much. Divorces. Custody battles. Bad days at work or school. You comforted the kids when friends treated them poorly. You used to wake them up with such joy as part of your morning routine. Even when the arthritis got too bad, and you could not make it up into his bed, you still made your way into the room to wake up your boy. Whether it was being cut by the baseball team or rejected by a friend, you were there for all of them. Even when we treated you like a nuisance. “Move Stitch”, “Not now!”. You still loved us and stood at the ready to love us without question or hesitation. We could never repay that much love. Even in trying to think about how we can celebrate you or give you something special, we all arrived at the same understanding. All you ever want is us. Your family. Sure you love a good treat but you hated leaving the house. You did not like other people. And you panicked whenever one of us left the house. You only seemed to find peace when we were all back together. Your call was not even “Stitch”. It was “Fammmiiillllyyyyyyy” and you would come running like a new puppy. We love you boy. The third member of the Tres Amigos. The calming always present soft wave of our family. Life will not be the same without you. But the love you gave us made all of us better. Thank you for loving us, your family, the way you did. The girls will miss their chubby snuggle puppy. Gabe will miss his bubsy. Nia will miss the first person to ever make her laugh. Kenton will miss his newly acquired shadow. Your mom will miss your diligent love at her feet waiting for a treat and your couch snuggles. Your heathen sister Lilo will miss the brother she did not want but learned to love. And I will miss my fur son. My work at home shadow. The pup I spent many hours talking to when I needed to just disconnect. I love you son. If there is a heaven you have earned the highest seat there. We will miss you with all that we have because you gave us a love we were undeserving of for such a long time. We will never forget you. We will forever love you. We are so glad you were ours and that we were yours.
"I know that the ones who love us will miss us." - Keanu Reeves
Love your family forever missing you. Dad. Mom. Gabe. Rowan. Samantha. Kaden. Nia. Kenton. Lilo.