Online Mememorials

Stacie Nichole Netherly

2004 - 2022

Our sweetheart, Stacie, passed away on April 20, 2022 at Spicewood Springs Animal Hospital in Austin, TX surrounded by her mom and grandma. Stacie fought hard against losing the ability to walk on her hind legs before finding a release from her suffering and crossing the rainbow bridge.

On fateful day, Katy's brother took her and her mother to hang out with family friends where he surprised her with a lifelong companion. Little did Katy know, her brother had been out to see the puppies a week before and despite having allergies, he still wanted to take her down to Cleburne, TX. Stacie not only looked different from her 2 brothers but the moment her eyes met with Katy, Katy knew it was meant to be.

Stacie was more than a best friend. She was a protector, a confidant, and a huge physical support for all of us. She enjoyed laying in front of her mom's door, breaking into trash bags when no one was looking, and getting petted until she was ready to sleep. One day, when walking with her grandma (who goes by Gran Gran), Stacie stayed by her Gran Gran's side as she barked at a coyote after Gran Gran had fallen. Once the coyote left, Stacie stood firmly in order to help Gran Gran stand back up. Over 18 and 1/2 years, Stacie became more than a pet. She became the person who her mom could rely on to make it through tough times. She is a kindhearted, compassionate soul (like her mom) who we will miss dearly.

Stacie leaves behind her mom Katy, her Gran Gran Dyane, her grandpa Howard, and her uncle Q. If you would like to honor Stacie's memory, we ask that you consider donating to your local animal shelter, fostering an animal, or volunteering to help others. There is no greater love than the bond formed with an animal!