Online Mememorials


I got Spunky when he was a year and a half so didn't get to enjoy puppyhood. But with his personality, I never felt like I missed out on that. He adored every person he met, especially if they were pint-sized. Kids were his absolute favorite type of human. For a few years, he loved to play with other dogs and would play with each dog differently. He'd wrestle, or chase, he really adjusted his play to each dog. But unfortunately, he had a run-in with dogs when I wasn't with him and didn't do well with dogs after that. Until he met Sadie. He didn't like her at first but once he got used to her he would always let her win when they would wrestle. Once she got bigger, they would take turns on who would "win".  He used her as a pillow and a chew toy (he loved to chew on her ears for some reason). They really were like siblings. I'll always remember his "spunkiness" and how much he loved people.