Online Mememorials


2006 - 2020

It was love at first sight. Sosa was four months old when we went to pick him up. He was shivering in a crate and I wrapped him up in a towel and took him home. We had no children at home so I guess you could say he became our baby with all the typical behaviors of feeding, elimination accidents in the home, training, etc. He would get these bursts of energy and would run from the bedroom, living room and dining room multiple times until he tired himself out. Even as a puppy, Sosa was food obsessed, always looking at the container which stored his snacks.

All was well until Sosa was 10 years old and we found out he had anal gland cancer. The cancer was surgically removed and he had a series of chemotherapy sessions. Shortly after, Sosa experienced a retinal detachment in his right eye and lost his sight. We had discovered earlier that Sosa had gone deaf…not sure when it happened, but before his cancer diagnosis. 2016 was an awful year and our little Sosa endured and survived cancer. Throughout it all, our little trooper remained a happy go-lucky dog.

God blessed us with his presence for 4 more years when we once again discovered that cancer had spread to his kidneys, lymph nodes and he had a cancerous mass in his upper abdomen. Sosa’s health appeared to deteriorate overnight and over a 2 week time frame he lost his ability to use his back legs, stopped eating, loss of control of many of his bodily functions. We were losing our precious boy, and could not bear to see him suffer. So we did what we needed to do to love, honor and cherish our Sosa. We let him go!. A compassionate doctor and her assistant came to our home and euthanized our little boy as we held him close in our arms. We had him cremated and have his box of ashes close to my mother who was also cremated.

It’s been less than two weeks…still painful, sad, our hearts ache, big void, feeling guilty, powerless,,,you name it. I know the grief/loss will pass and Sosa will endure in our hearts and memories.

Sosa, you gave us so many years of joy with your quirky personality and for that we are forever grateful and thankful: You didn’t like other dogs, barked at little kids, and only came to us when you were ready not when we wanted you to. You were food-obsessed and demanding when it came to your snacks. And you were the most talkative dog there ever was! You had such a neat personality. Rest in peace our precious little boy, hang out with grandmother, and one day we’ll see you again.