Online Mememorials

Sofie Cantu

2012 - 2021

April 14, 2012 - August 28, 2021
All my life I always wanted a dog. Every birthday and Christmas I begged for one. I read countless books about them, watched many movies and programs, and learned endless facts about man’s best friend.
But I didn’t know a single thing about what it meant to truly love a dog until I met you. You were a part of our family for only 9 years, but that time meant the world to us. You passed away so suddenly, unexpectedly ill with a disease I had never heard of. I could start so many sentences with “I wish.” I wish the surgery would have worked. I wish I could have cherished you more in the week before we lost you. I wish I would have given you more Cheeto Puffs or licks of vanilla ice cream. I wish we could’ve gone on more adventures together. But I could start many more sentences with “I’m grateful” or “Thank you”. As in, I’m grateful you didn’t have to suffer in pain anymore. I’m grateful you were such an easy dog to take care of. I’m grateful you were our first dog. And thank you for being the best companion I could ask for. Thank you for waking me up on the mornings when I didn’t feel like I could get out of bed. Thank you for watching me grow up and getting me through middle, high school, and my first year of college. Thank you for being my late night study buddy, snoring away by my feet. Thank you for sticking around for my 20th birthday. You were curious, affectionate, sassy, intuitive, silly, but above all, loyal, always by my side. I thought we would have 9 more years with you. I hoped you’d have a chance to meet my future husband and maybe even my first baby.
Don’t worry, I’ll tell them all about you and how amazing you were. You’re unforgettable and our family will never stop loving you. I hope you were happy. We miss you so much. I love you Sofie, and I’m so lucky I got to be your person. You were the dog I always dreamed of and the best friend I always needed, perfect in every way. My Good Girl.
Someday we’ll meet at the Rainbow Bridge and I’ll be able to hold you in my arms again.