Online Mememorials


2004 - 2021

Skittles was a loyal companion until the very end. I loved this little guy so much. He loved to play chase with the kids, bury his bones all over the house, he was smart so, so smart. He was very loved, he was my sidekick for 16 1/2 years and even though he chewed up the cord to my recliner not once but twice :( I still loved him). Through all the years he could cheer me up when I was feeling sad or upset. I loved the excitement when I came home from work the jumping on me, barking at me and wagging his tail but, I wasn't quite sure if it was because he was excited to see me or the fact that he knew I was going to take him out. :) He will be greatly missed even though he would hid bones under my pillow. RIP my little man, run free your in no more pain. Air hugs and kisses. I love you forever!