Online Mememorials


2004 - 2021

Skittles was a rescue pup. He was very loyal. He was loved by his mom (me) from the day he rode home on my leg. He hated car rides as they gave him anxieties. He loved his toys and was willing to play all day or until he had to rest cause his tongue was hanging out. He was a typical doxie, stole things, tore the squeekers out of every toy he got and sometimes you would find white fluff around the house and you knew immediately that another toy was dead and then you would see him all innocent. I know what he was thinking Mom the toy exploded I am Innocent. LOL
Skittles had many health issues and today I said goodbye to him and he is no longer in any pain, he can see & hear again, no more seizures or skin issues and the chronic ear infections. He is well and can play with all the other doxies. Run Skittles Run Mom Loves you and misses you. I know your in a better place.