Online Mememorials


2002 - 2019

My dear Sketti, I still have a hard time realizing you are gone from this earth, and are now at Rainbow Bridge. Zorro misses you so much, I miss you so much, and I know the rest of the kitties miss you too. You and Zorro were special buddies, and you showed him the ropes just as BlackJack did for you. He is showing the ropes to Jagger & Nimbus, continuing the wonderful tradition. You flew away too fast, I knew that night before that you would leave, that Rainbow Bridge was calling you. You were my special boy, who arrived as MGD crossed Rainbow Bridge, and helped us all deal with his crossing. You were so cool, so handsome, and such a good eater! I know you and GiGi have connected there, you just couldn’t resist her lovely fluffy tail and her flirting. I miss you so much, you were here 15 1/2 years, and knew all the cats so well. Handsome classic tabby, Spaghetti Os, shortened to Sketti, lovely green eyes, gentle and laid back, just an excellent cat in every way! Zorro sends you very special purrs, sometimes he flops down against me like he did you. He and Curie are becoming closer, and that’s a good thing, they are learning to be boss cats. Please tell all our kitty family up there Meow from me, you will always be my special Sketti, much loved and missed tremendously.