Online Mememorials


2020 - 2021

Sherlock you were my best friend! I loved you more than anything in this world. When you were taken away prematurely it broke my heart and my heart is still broken. A piece of me is forever gone and I will never be the same. I know your ok bobo is watching after you now! I will see you soon and we will be together forever and please visit mama in spirit ASAP I love you and your family misses you so much. I retired my slippers you loved to lay on and chew on. I wake up in a horrible mood now, and I don’t have that little wet nose to touch my calf and make me turn my whole morning around anymore. I miss sitting down watching tv cuddling and you running around the house like a mad person for no apparent reason. My life is truly empty with our you. I keep imagining your little face turning the corner while I’m in the tub staring at me. I also remember you grabbing the dryer sheets and tearing them up and running from me when I said “gimme that Worley” . You were the smallest and the bravest and I couldn’t part ways with you! You were my prince, my baby, and my best friend I love you so much and that will never change. I hope your laying on the fluffiest pillows eating the biggest steak your little body can take and playing tag with new buddies and soon we will all be with you a big happy family. All your brothers and sister like it was when you were a baby. I love you so much baby and hope your at peace and happy