Online Mememorials

Scotty “Boone” Streeter

Scotty was SUCH a big personality. He didn’t mind riding in the car (unusual for a cat!), would run TO the door when someone knocked, letting me know the whole way (I guess everyone who showed up was there for HIM), and was my football-watching sidekick and didn’t even flinch when I yelled at the screen. He had a great sense of humor and loved to make me laugh or yelp in surprise, he had such a blast when he got me good. No matter what toy I gave him, to him it was the best thing in the world EVER. He was always so appreciative of everything. And seriously worried about me when I was sick or sad. Such a sweet sleeping buddy, whenever anyone got into a bed, he would come running. Always slept in the crook of my arm with his head on my shoulder. He was a hugger and would crawl up your chest and wrap his front paws around your neck and hang on. Never knew a stranger, human or animal. Scotty was so wonderful to visiting animals, especially when they were scared. He just wouldn’t let that be, would charm them right out of it. When I would bring in the Christmas tree box he would worry me silly until I put it up. Didn’t care if it was lit or decorated, he just wanted to lie under it. Was so happy there. Many years I left the tree up much longer than I normally would have done since he was enjoying it so much. He always wanted to please me and do what I asked, even if it was NOT what he wanted to do. He would comply, but backtalk me the whole way (stinker). He was almost too beautiful to be a boy, but he owned it well. Scotty was extremely loved and spoiled, and he knew it (me, cooking nasty chicken livers for a treat). He was my sunshine and light and has left a big hole in this world and in my life. So many people miss him. I am forever grateful we crossed paths, we needed each other and were a perfect match. I can't imagine these past almost 14 years without him. He was a little cat in a big world, but he got me through so many rough times. His precious heart was too damaged and could no longer do its job. And when he went, he took part of my shattered heart with him. Rest in peace, my little sweetheart. I will see you again and thank you for still watching over me. I love you always, my Scotty Biscotti.