Online Mememorials


My best friend of 14 years, little in stature but a huge loving heart. My golden boy..golden brown. Such a good boy, such a good boy!! I’m broken w/o him and don’t know which way to go. The world is huge but it’s empty w/o him here. I love you Sam forever and beyond!

Tell us the ‘story’ of your pet: My mother had been widowed and remarried and had a lil daschound that got run over by a car. One night @ work I was working with a woman who started telling me about her little dog that she couldn’t care for anymore because she was moving and couldn’t take him with her. I asked her what kind he was and she said a daschound and chow mix about 8 months old. It was like it was meant to be for I hadn’t told her about my mothers dog being killed. I said can I come look @ him sure she said. So I followed her home the next morning and there was lil bright eyed Sam (short for Samson) I fell in love right there and knew my mom and stepdad would also. I called mom and asked if she wanted another dog and she talked it over with my stepdad and said yes. So I was given Sam and away we went. My mom and stepdad were married for about four years before his cancer returned aggressively and he passed away. Mom came back home to live with me again and of course Sam came too. I was having health problems myself suffering major depression and had to quit my job over it. But throughout it all the constant in my life was Sam always happy, loving, and oh so smart and funny. It’s hard to understand if you’ve never dealt with depression but you lose interest in life and are in despair. Sam gave me so many things during my ordeal most of all tremendous joy and laughter and unconditional love. He was my best friend, my golden brown boy and was such a GOOD BOY!! And I was so lucky to have him in my life. He was my compass in a sea of despair and led me through the storm!