Online Mememorials


11/1/06 - 12/10/18

God sent Sam to us during an ice storm on Jan 1, 2007. He weighed 10 pounds and was a fluffy puppy. We took him in while we tried to find him a good home. We fell in love quickly and we did find him a good home...Ours!!

He grew 84 pounds. He was THE BEST fur baby! He never had an accident in our house. He was not aggressive. He was happiness, love and a gentle giant. If he was a human, he would have been the popular kid who liked everybody and everybody thought they were his best bud.

When our grandchildren spent the night, Sam would go to bed in his bed. When everyone got Still, he would go back and get in the bed with Hannah and Ben. He would lay across their feet. They could not move or pull the covers out from under him. But they loved it! Sam loved too!

Hannah and Ben

Loved and adored by his mom and his dad and the all Wetzel family.