Online Mememorials


2004 - 2019

Mom got up this morning and fix me scrambled eggs with cheese. For lunch I got tuna and chicken. The real stuff. Mom has cried all day and held me. My life long friends have been texting all day. Mom has wanted me by her side most of the day. Dad is leaving work early. We are driving to Aggieland. But this not all of the other trips. No Kyle Field no Texas A&M. Only a visit to THRIVE Vet. At 5:30 this evening I will draw my last breath. My fight is over. Mom says I have been a brave kitty and fought hard. But my body and mind are weak. It is time to stop my suffering. I am a shell of of the brilliant cat I once was. Mom does not remember the number of kills I have made. But they were many. Casper is waiting for me. He will help me wait at Rainbow Bridge. The torch is passed to Raider to care for mom and dad. He will do a great job. Remember mom needs us the most. You were loved Rugrat with all your quirks. You were a special kitten that was never supposed to have survived. Oh you will be missed. I am so sorry if I was selfish and kept you longer than I should have. Please run and be whole again. I love you with all of my heart my little killer. Please hug Casper hard for me. Let him know I never stopped loving him nor will I ever stop loving you. I will join you both soon. Take care my special boy.