Online Mememorials

Rubi Eve Palomo

Rubi Eve Palomo was found and rescued on New Years Eve 2009. She was in poor shape when she was found, but with lots of love and care, she bounced back like a champ! She became my little sidekick, coming with me where ever I went, enjoying the sites, and her wardrobe and accessories. Rubi was definitely a little Diva! When I adopted siblings for her, she would immediately show them who was boss in the house, and then welcome them and make them feel loved. I hope she knows how much joy she brought to my life in the 9 years I was lucky to be her momma. If I was happy, she would add to it, and if I was sad, she would notice and come demand snuggles from me which always brightened my mood. Rubi could be a little bit grouchy with some people, but in the end, she would give them little kisses to show her love. I am sure she had a rough life before I found her, but I am very happy to know that I gave her the best life possible in the years she was with me. She will always hold a special place in my heart and my furbaby, my Rubi Eve. I know she is resting in peace now. I love you Rubi.
Monica P.