Online Mememorials

• Rodi •

Our sweet boy. The perfect dog for our family.

Rodi was an Italian Greyhound/Jack Russell Terrier mix, a rescue we adopted from the Coppell Humane Society when he was just a little over a year old. He was named after his human Dad’s family’s hometown, Rodi Garganico, Italy. Dad found him on Petfinder and he and the boys went and picked him up at the Petsmart in Lewisville. He made himself at home right from the beginning. He immediately made friends with his cat brother, Panther. They would sleep together and Panther would groom him. Rodi loved his family unconditionally. He was happy as long as he was with us, no matter where we were or what the circumstances were. He went on many road trips with us. He loved both his boys and slept every night in bed with our oldest. He loved to chase squirrels, play with other dogs, and play fetch and tug of war. His very favorite thing was a good belly rub. He wanted to make friends with everyone he met.