Online Mememorials


2020 - 2023

When I was perusing adoption ads looking for a cat to adopt, I saw Robin's ad and immediately thought I want this cat. I ended up adopting him with one of his littermates, Gordon, with my roommate, and he has been a beacon of light that always greeted me in the mornings while I was getting my coffee and again in the afternoons when I would return home from work. He had the cutest, tiniest meow while I was in the bathroom, preparing to feed him wet cat food, wanted attention, or was letting us know it was time to play as well as a predatory chirp while playing or bird watching that I will now forever miss.

Before becoming ill, Robin was always so full of energy and wanting to love on and be loved by everyone. His personality was unlike any cat. His demeanor charmed people, cat lovers and non-cat lovers alike, as soon as they held him in their arms, and the type of play he wanted each night would always change. Robin loved being on laps, my roommate's more than mine, for hours, and we loved all the time he stayed. He loved playing cat games on the iPad and watching cat videos, sitcoms, streams, and even us gaming. Robin was a remarkable cat in that he would comfort and play fetch with my roommate while she wasn't feeling well, and would even save her from her night terrors.

To my roommate, Robin will always be the tiniest kitty in the world. We both are extremely heartbroken that Robin is gone and that Gordon is now alone without his baby brother. You were taken way too soon, and we all will love and miss you forever and always.