Online Mememorials


2005 - 2019

Rebel was such the perfect dachshund in every way! He was a gorgeous smooth red dachshund. Rebel had so much personality and he LOVED to EAT more than anything! Secondly, he LOVED his plush toys with squeakers ,which he destroyed to get their squeakers out! I would find those tiny plastic pieces all over the house ,lol He also would nurse and knead them at night when he got sleepy to help comfort him., hence why I called them his babies. Rebel was a very vocal boy and loved to let the entire neighborhood know he was here and in charge of his home! Rebel would charge through the doggie door and bark and run the fence in our backyard constantly. Rebel was all about FOOD ,or anything that hit the ground and was edible. I’ll never forget the Christmas my Mom had sent us a little gift bag for my husband and didn’t tell me there was chocolate candy wrapped in colored foil,,,, yes you know where this going!!!! We came home late Christmas Eve night to find little pieces of foil everywhere, no trace of chocolate and Rebel laying in his bed with that look 👀!!! Luckily he was okay and so now you get the insatiable appetite of a true dachshund! Rebel and I had such a strong bond and connection that I’ve never had with any other pet. It was crystal clear that I was HIS PERSON! He was so loyal,devoted,protective and truly loved his life. When Rebel was three we decided he needed a companion since my husband and I worked and he was home alone. I’ll never forget the day we brought sweet little LeRue home to be his sister. Rebel immediately bonded to her and they were inseparable from that first encounter. Rebel just adored her and they were together for eleven and half years until Monday,December ninth,2019 when our beautiful boy went to run and be pain free in puppy heaven. I could just keep on writing forever about all the most wonderful ,loving days that Rebel filled our lives with so much happiness. He was one of a kind, he was our man boy, our Rebs,our squirrely feet, our Rebel Man. Rebel was in every sense of his name a REBEL and he lives on in our hearts and memories forever. There is a numbing silence in our home now and a terrible aching in our hearts ,but our beautiful boy is out of pain and no longer suffering. To love so deeply and unconditionally is a love that continues to live in a spiritual realm that never dies. RIP my beautiful boy Rebel,I love ❤️ you forevermore and miss you dearly 💔