Online Mememorials


2019 - 2021

Ramona, Mona to those who loved her, while with us for only a short time had a big impact on our lives. We adopted Ramona and her sister Quinn in September of 2019, after year's of the kids begging for kittens. It was quickly noticeable that Quinn was loveable and snuggly, and Mona was more independent and apt to explore (and often breaking) things in our home. Cat-proofing took on a whole new meaning with Mona’s antics. No leather or cloth surface was safe and we had to get creative with securing the fish tank and other breakables. Sometimes it seemed like a game to see how many things she could destroy before Mom yelled and chased her away from off-limit places. Then she would sneak attack Mom’s feet with a quick bite before strutting away, she always had to have the last word.

Ramona tolerated her human, Hunter, who adored her in return. He was always available for hugs and snuggles and treats. Her standoffish personality was perfect for him, and he couldn't have been happier with her.

A sudden illness claimed our stubborn girl at just over a year old... way before her time. She will be greatly missed. The year we got to have her was crazy and chaotic and kept life interesting and busy. Our home is much quieter, and somber. However, her spirit lives on, and she has apparently left several “surprises” for Mom to find in the shape if broken photo frames and knick-knacks. Bittersweet messes. Much like Ramona herself.

We love you, crazy girl, and hope the trip over the Rainbow Bridge was a peaceful one.