Online Mememorials


I was getting something out of our trunk at the Kansas hotel we were at for the weekend when I heard a meow behind me. I turned and there was a kitten perched on the wall, looking at me. I reached up and you stepped right into my heart. You were born in the woods behind the hotel to a stray Mama and the Ragdoll who lived in the house beside the hotel. The hotel staff said it was such a shame that no one could get near those kittens. Yet, you followed me. You climbed into my lap. I took you home. You claimed me and you loved me. And oh did I love you! 13 years later you started breathing heavily and losing weight. Lymphoma they told me. And it was everywhere. Treatment didn't slow it. I still wonder if there was something else we could have tried. I wasnt ready to lose you. I may never be. I miss you so much.