Online Mememorials

Pixie Jo

We rescued Pixie from the Denton, TX animal shelter March 1, 2012. She came in with a group of (13) other dogs and her previous owner said he couldn't take care of them because "his girlfriend broke up with him." The tag on her cage stated UNWANTED. She was the very last one out of the group to find her forever home, but we knew as soon as we saw her in the shelter she was the one for us. She was so calm while the other dogs in the kennels were barking and carrying on. Her eyes looked straight into mine saying "lets go home mama." She loved to sunbathe, take warm baths, eat chipies (potato chips) and be in bed underneath the heated blanket. We had her for four years before the vet told us she had cancer, she lived another year before the pain got so bad we had to let her go. We miss you baby, and because of you our doors have opened to other chihuahuas in need. Before you, we always said we were not "chihuahua people," now we have 3! You are sorely missed. We love you so very much.