Online Mememorials

Pickles Brown

2008 - 2020

Pickles was born on November 17, 2008, in Arlington Texas, and passed away on Friday morning March 20, 2020, at home in Frisco Texas, surrounded by his Best Friends.
Pickles was a good boy who walked off-leash in most parks and trails he visited. He enjoyed rolling in the grass, smelling the air, and playing hide-and-seek with his best friends. His favorite activity was running in the park with his ball, getting chased by his little brother, Buster.
He learned his manners from home and knew how to: Sit, Stay, BANG!BANG!, Rollover, You Wanna Race?, Search, Shake, High Five, Circle Round, and kisses.
Some of his favorite genre of entertainment and literature were science-fiction, documentary, and history.
Pickles was wonderful in many ways that reminded us that life’s true gift is the capacity to enjoy enjoyment. We were thankful to be part of his life, he was a big part of ours that we will cherish forever. A very loyal, gentle, and loving friend until the end. Pickles is survived by his Best Friends Krysten, AJ, and Buster, a brother from birth, Dallas, who lives with his family in Arlington, friends in Conroe Texas, Gracie, and her family.

Smell you later Moogie

Love You Always,
Buster, AJ, Krysten