Online Mememorials

Pepper (“Little Booty”)

When I come home from work, it's so quiet. You used to bark very loudly when you heard my car pull into the driveway. Broly is still here, your furry friend, but you know he doesn't bark much. We all miss you. The house is too quiet without you. You left us after 9 years of craziness and wonderful memories. You had the prettiest amber eyes. You always wanted to be around the family. We miss you hanging out by Anissa while we watched tv. Julia misses saying bye to you as she left to go to school. Daddy misses how I would ask for a kissie from you at bedtime. You were always grumpy at nighttime so you growled at me before you gave me a kissie. I especially miss how you would follow me around everywhere ever since you were a puppy. We miss giving you ice, popcorn, and marshmallows. Broly misses you even though you were annoying to him as you always liked to playfully bite his curly tail. I'm sure Broly misses how you two would bark at the squirrels running across the telephone wire in the backyard. You always made us laugh when you would bark at your reflection before we opened the door to the vet's office. You loved to chomp at the water from the water hose. It was odd to see you laying down, not wanting to eat. We thought you had a tummy ache. Then as the night passed, Anissa stayed by your side. I went to sleep. Julia told me you were breathing hard. She came back later and told me you weren't doing so good. I got up. You looked so out of it. Your eyes were glazed over. I talked to you. You must have recognized my voice, because you put your head on my knee or near it. We decided to take you to the emergency animal clinic so Anissa and I lifted you up. I held you in my arms as I cried and sang your "Little Booty" song. You struggled to breathe as I held you tight not wanting to let go. A technician took you from my arms. It was too late, because they performed 2 cycles of CPR. We all still don't know why you passed away so suddenly. I honestly think you wanted to be my arms during your last moments of life. We all miss you, but I'm taking it the hardest. I guess, because I became your Momma. My heart hurts so much for you. I cry so much for you. Even though you became an adult dog, you still followed me around everywhere. You were the first dog we had cremated. When I brought you home, Broly freaked out. He knew right away. He kept crying and whimpering as he looked all over the house for you. I had taken him to see you before you completed your journey. He seemed ok at the time. My heart is so heavy it hurts. Of course a part of me died when you left suddenly and unexpectedly. Thanks for all the memories. When I cry, I try to think of something funny or cute you would do. We all miss you so much! Our lives were so blessed because of you. We love you, Pepper!
-Momma, Daddy, Anissa, Julia, Broly (your buddy), & Torkoal (the turtle)