Online Mememorials

Pelusa Andrea Betancourt.

Pelusa was my soulmate, part of my identity, my daughter and the love of my life.
Whenever I was she was, we spent almost 16 years together, I move countries and brought her with me, I love her more than I love my family or myself.
She was gorgeous, so sweet, full of love, and couldn’t be without me for 5 minuts.
She suddenly died and let me devastated, she had no symptoms and i was sure she was gonna be with me for some years more. I was lucky to love her, I was lucky to be there when she died, sleeping next to here, it was a privilege to share my life with my little poodle. I don’t think I will never feel normal again, but I wanna honor the best dog in the world, te amo Pelusa y te amaré mientras mi corazón pueda latir.