Online Mememorials


In Loving Memory of our Pee Wee. 2009-July 27, 2019. We were devastated. We asked our vet to rush the ashes for our Celebration of Life Day with our friends and Family this Saturday. They had us our baby boy in less than 72 hours. They package was beautiful. So very touching. We were very very happy. It was bitter sweet. You all did a beautiful job. Thank you for the beautiful package, Fur Clippings was such a nice touch. Beautiful. We hope the healing process will begin. This was such a shocking unexpected turn with our sweet Pee Wee.

We love you Pee-Wee. You will always be in our hearts. It was too soon. We miss you so very much. We hope you never forget us. We hope we get to see you again at the Rainbow Bridge.