Online Mememorials

Pablo Dwayne Johnson wheeler-lee

2008 - 2023

I'm not sure i would be able to make a verbal eulogy for this special person without crying, so i'm glad i'm able to pour my heart out here instead, in hopes that it can relieve some of the grief I have. My and my family's beloved dog, Pablo, passed away recently on a Sunday. Though he was roughly 16 years of age, his passing was still unexpected and full of hurt. He was, and still is to me and my family, the best dog im the universe. He was loyal, smart, loving, and was pretty much ready to bark at anyone who seemed like a threat to his humans. Any time people we've known from the past come back to see us, they'd be like "He's still alive?!", because he lived a long time, and he was practically indestructible, because he endured so much in his lifetime. There's not much more I can say other than he was my favorite pet, and the longest pet I ever kept, which is why his passing hurts so much. The day after he passed, it poured rain hard, which was a little odd, because at the time, it rained maybe once or twice due to the wild weather in Houston, Texas. It rained heavy a second time the day after when i requested for Pablo to be cremated privately so he can come back home to me and my family. Some say that it rains when heaven gains an angel, and i whole-heartedly believe it, because Pablo was the biggest angel in my eyes. I try to get through my days by smiling and distracting myself, but I never thought grief, especially for a pet, would make me feel so down. Fly high, Mr. Man. Your spirit will stay with us, and I hope you're getting the best treatment in Heaven right now🕊🕊💖💖