Online Mememorials


2008 - 2022

Rest In Peace my darling Oreo.

My sweetest, best friend went to sing with the angels on Saturday, November 5th. She was enchanting, magical, and remarkable. Our hearts ache, but we know we did everything to make these last two years as comfortable as possible. She enriched our lives. It was one day short of our 14th adoption day anniversary.

Oreo could be a clown, bringing a smile to even the saddest. She was a fierce protector, a loving nurse, a concerned citizen (her version of nightly neighborhood watch), the great surveyor of her domain, a living vacuum cleaner , the attacker of Christmas Cacti, a hilarious singer, and just an overall joyful being. And, she was a fighter. I think she held on for so long because she felt like I needed her, as I got very sick. I reassured her everyday that I would know she would still be with me.

On November 6, 2008, I had no idea how much joy and love I would find with my new best friend. Oreo has been the very best! I am so thankful that she chose me to be hers. She literally kept beckoning me back to her, time and again. She was determined that we were to be. She was 100% right.

She had been going through some difficult times, but always still showed happiness, never complaining.

Having most of our floors covered in yoga mats for traction for her for the past few years, it now looks so empty. Our home will never be as joyful. I can’t remove her beds quite yet.

Dr. Maggie came, and it was a remarkably calm experience. Oreo was up in the chair with me, her head in my lap. She was ready to let go. It was peaceful. She was so special. She is having a private cremation, and we will receive her remains in an urn in about a week.

I love you, Miss Oreo!!! 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾