Online Mememorials


The coolest dog in the world left it peacefully last week. He was known to many as Murph-Doggy-Dogg, Handsome Pants, Papa Murph, and Captain Destructo.

Murph lived his life to the fullest. He enjoyed hanging his head out the car window, never passed up an opportunity to eat something smelly off the ground, peeing on the neighbor’s lawn chairs, barking at the UPS delivery truck, or destroying a stuffed toy.

He was wicked smart and was able to spell w-a-l-k, t-r-e-a-t, and o-u-t. He loved fiercely, although had an on-going love-hate relationship with cats (rest in peace, McLovin-the-neighbor-cat).

Murph was quite the handsome and suave dude. He’s survived by his many girlfriends: Jessica, Courtney, Tiffany; his many admirers: Michael, Kathryn, Nanette, Lindsay, and countless more. Whether it was a lick, a love-nip, or a nuzzle to your crotch-area, Murph always wanted you to know he was there for you. He was a great friend.

Lastly, he’s survived by his best friend and sidekick who has a tennis-ball sized hole in her heart today. I miss you my sweet boy. I will never forget you.