Online Mememorials


2005 - 2022

today was a very hard day. today we said goodbye to our best fur friend of 17 years. when we first got mochi at just 6 weeks old, he did everything with me while my oldest son was in preschool. he was half a pound, and fit in the palm of your hand...or, in the bottom of your purse. :) he never told anyone this, but, he almost had a bachelors degree! he went to school with me for two full years of my nursing school prerequisites. he stayed in my purse quietly during both classes and labs. he is also quite the night nanny/sleep trainer. several of my wonderful families welcomed him into their homes to cuddle their babies, right by my side. Mochi also had a naughty side, where he snuck into countless non-dog-hotels. he was an insulin dependent dog for almost 10 years, and as of 3 years ago, became both blind and deaf. however, this did not slow him down. he was always his amazing, playful self. over the last 2 months or so, he began showing us signs and behaviors we had never seen before, becoming disoriented a lot and having severe seizures. worst news ever...a brain tumor. we made the tough and selfless decision to send him over the rainbow in our arms, at our home, and surrounded by the ones that loved him. this was the hardest, but kindest things we have ever done for our little mochi. so, our little moteebear, we know you knew how loved you were, and we know you appreciated what we did for you in your final moments. love always, daddy john, mommy shea, big brother trey, little sister Brynn, and little brother peyton.