Online Mememorials

Mimosa Benavides

2004 - 2020

Mimosa Benavides, born in San Antonio, TX and raised in New Braunfels, TX was a 16 year and 7 month old female red dachshund owned by Gipe and Maria Benavides. After her parents both passed in 2015, aunt Patricia and uncle Raad cared for her until her last breath. Mimi loved to hunt critters, chase ducks, swim in the Guadalupe River, eat homemade chicken soup made by her Uncle Raad, take travel by car and dog buggy, and take naps. She was bilingual, following commands in both English and Spanish, and enjoyed to spend time at daycare with her sissy Maybelle. Mimosa died suddenly, and peacefully in her Aunt Patricia's arms until her last heartbeat. Special thanks to Fischer Veterinary for providing quality healthcare since her birth, Mission Vet Hospital for allowing her to walk again, Austin Vet Emergency and Specialty Hospital for doing all you could to save her, Aunt Norma and cousin Nicholas for caring for her and loving her.