Online Mememorials

Midnight (Snugglie Man)

2001 - 2021

Midnight was dumped in a parking lot when he was approximately 3-4 weeks old. When I returned to my car, he meowed and climbed up my leg and into my heart. When my husband (Daddy) was diagnosed with Chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) and was put on chemotherapy, which my husband did not tolerate well...and Midnight would not leave his side. Two days after the doctors prescribed experimental medication, Midnight kept smelling my husband's nose/breath, then let out a loud MEEOOWW and jumped down. I came running to the room to see what was wrong to see Midnight walking out of the room, something he wouldn't do. Later we found that the experimental medication was working....Midnight knew it, and his meow was as if to say, "I do good work"!
Midnight was a faithful and loving son, a member of our family and home. I know that he crossed Rainbow Bridge and is now playing with his cousins, watching down upon us. We will meet again, my precious son. You are so loved and missed.