Online Mememorials


2013 - 2023

Dear Mexia,
Our sweet Baby Angel, your absence has left us with pieces missing from our hearts. You were always extremely loving,patient,loyal, and brave. You were always the determined backyard squirrel security guard that always made us chuckle with your “ Cher” like bark. Life will never be the same without you and you will forever live in our hearts and memories. You have blessed us in every way possible. You have brought life, light, & joy that will never quite be the same again wIthout you. We had longed to cure you from your heart condition that took you too soon, but we take solace that YOU are no longer suffering. Sweet Baby angel we aWait to see you again on the other side , but in the meantime e please keep company with our friends & family that have passed on as well. We will reunite as a family again in the future. We Love you forever. Love, hugs, and kisses.