Online Mememorials


2007 - 2019

My Dear Max..... it's been 6 mths since we lost you . It has been so difficult for Me & Mom. We so miss your Dachshund personality, silliness, and the never ending entertainment and unconditional love you brought to us and our home. You were so smart. I always told everyone that you were as smart as a 1st grader, if not more! And you were! Whenever we left the house, we couldn't wait to get back and see your excitement. Your were truly loved. But at the age of 12 we got the terrible news that you did not have but a few wks. But you showed them you were still full of life & weren't ready to leave. But the heart disease finally took you 6 mths later. You will never be forgotten..... Sammy is still with us. He was so lost for a few months, but we have showered him with love as I know you would want. I believe he has finally accepted you will not return........ So Mr. Max, I will close now. Remember we will always miss you and love you.... until we meet again.
Dad & Mom