Online Mememorials


1997 - 2018

To My Lucky:
I miss you so much, you were such a love bug, always close to me, you would have gladly sat on my lap 24/7. Remember how you got Geta turned on to cats, by sitting by her, letting her find out how nice it is to pet a cat, well, Lucky, she is now in Heaven, so y'all will see each other again. You will turn 21 at Rainbow Bridge, you got so close to achieving that milestone year here. We would have had such fun at the Calico with your ID card and everything. Zorro sends his best purrs to you, I am so glad you got to have a kitty friend in Zorro. I remember the ecstasy I saw on your face when Zorro washed your face that first time. I think you had not felt that since your mom washed you so many years ago. No one has taken your place as bed snuggle kitty, but Sketti, Curie and Zorro have been sleeping on the bed with me. They just haven't figured out that snuggling. I got the original paper that was at the vet's, the cute story, trying to find you a new home. It's framed and hanging by my bed. I know you feel good again, no more oral cancer, you can run and chase butterflies, nap in the sunshine and enjoy being a cat. Save me a place next to you, I miss you my Lucky. Until we meet again.....