Online Mememorials

• Koda •

My best friend and the son I never had passed away yesterday. I cannot even put into words the grief I feel right now.

Koda, you were mommy's rock the last four years....Since the day you honored me by being the last little furbaby left when I picked you up. It was like we were made for each other......and you were just waiting for me to come and take you home.

Every day with you was a matter where I went, you were beside me. Even when I didn't know it, I would turn around and there you were...BESIDE ME. You loved me, protected me and comforted me....and I am sooooo sorry I couldn't save you yesterday. I would give every material possession I have, to just have you back with me. I used to tell you, "You are never gonna die without your mommy" and I am sorry that I didn't keep my promise.

You took a part of my HEART & SOUL with you yesterday, that I will never be able to replace....nor do I want to. Please forgive me for what happened, I wanted to lay there with you and never get up. You will always be "Momma's lil boy" and my "Bubby" until the day I join you.

I will think of you, tell you I love you every day and keep "Mr. Ducky" with me until I take my last breath.

Rest peacefully my son,
I love you eternally & unconditionally.....