Online Mememorials


2011 - 2020

The day Daddy first picked you up, riding in the car all curled up in his lap, He he choose the perfect dog for us. Daddy brought you home to become a companion and protector for me, but you became more than just a dog, you became our child, our best friend. The first time I held you, we both agreed you were truly the King of our castle. Mommy and Daddy will truly miss you looking out the window, waiting for us to get home, running to the door to greet us, and jumping in the air with excitement as we enter through the front door. You were a giant with a loving and gentle heart. Daddy and Mommy miss hearing you walk throughout the night, checking for sounds to ensure we are both safe. We miss you waking us up in the morning, because we slept too long. There is not day that goes by that we do not think about you.

Run free King, run free! We pray you are laying in the most beautiful garden. We know you are watching over us in Doggie Heaven.

Daddy and Mommy