Online Mememorials


Mommy loves you and misses you more than words can say. We promised to never leave the other behind. I don't understand why you had to go and leave me here behind but I look at it as if you are waiting on me so that I could stop worrying about how you would make it if I went first. I miss you so much son. I am sorry for any pain you felt or suffered. Please forgive me for not knowing and coming to save you. I cry everyday, all day with no understanding why such a precious baby like you had to go. I see you every where and in everything I do. I see you running to me with your hair blowing in the wind looking so pretty or the way that when just separated for just an hour you would run up to me and jump in my arms and rub all over my face saying mama love you.. I used to complain about how you would not stop barking when someone came over , but now I would give anything to hear you bark again. You are a very special boy and you are a good boy. you are so missed. I am having the hardest time in accepting your being gone. wait for me son. I will see you soon. I wish i could hold you or tickle you one more time. I love you mijo. Please wait for me. I love you. Love mama