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Submit a Message in Memory of your Pet: I had to let my sweet, precious kitty Kiki go on 7/25/16 with the kind assistance of Dr. Annie. I had 9 years with Kiki, every one a blessing. I found her outside, all by herself, when she was only a few weeks old. Kiki, I love you so much. You gave me all of your love and trust. You were my cherished friend. Just one of our daily rituals was that you would lay on your side, look up at me and meow. That was my cue to sit on the floor beside you and pet you for quite awhile. We did this many times every day. And, I loved every second. And I miss how when I was in bed, you would come right up to my face, bow down your little head and wait for me to kiss the top of your head. I’m devastated by your absence. I love you, Pretty Face.